The background

360 DMC is established by entrepreneurs who have exquisite education and great experience in the field of hospitality and travel. Not only possessing Swiss Education diplomas but also having spent years in different sectors of the industry such as hotels, consulting, travel and event management and organisation, leisure and corporate sales.


The mission of 360 DMC is to elevate the travel, incentive and conference experience to another level. With immaculate service, explicit added values and carefully selected innovative elements applied into the process 360 DMC brings many new aspects onto the field of Inbound Travel.


Alumnus of the Swiss École hôtelière de Lausanne, Linda has been working in several countries, many fields of tourism and numerous hotels. Being one of the founders of 360 DMC she has a passion for her country, its capital Budapest, and the values and culture it offers for incoming travelers. 


A legal and financial brain Zoltan serves as a consultant to the 360 DMC team in order to ensure that every contractual process go according to regulations and are beneficial for all parties. Handling the finances and necessary licenses he is responsible for the operation of the company being entirely prudent. Also a founder of 360 DMC.



As a senior travel manager of 360 DMC, Mihály has decades of professional background. He has been successfully selling and marketing Central European destinations abroad and overseas especially in China and Russia. In his current role he very much enjoys being part of a dynamic team as well as working towards the prosperity of the company and the satisfaction of the clients.

A pioneer IT professional who is specialized in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality. His developments are mainly utilized in the US with an extremely high success rate. His role as a partner is to merge the field of AR/VR with the services of 360 DMC in order to create a new wave of possibilities for the clients. With the technology incorporated into travel services, 360 DMC is able to deliver experiences that are unique, extreme and unforgettable.