The heartbeat of the city is a marvelous experience however the touch of nature, the reality of culture and the pampering of unique venues are something different that fulfill both heart and soul. 360 DMC provides out of the city programs and properties that uncover the hidden beauties of the countryside.

Charity and CSR

It’s good to be good. The world is turning upside-down and help is needed and appreciated in many platforms. Programs, incentives and innovative charity solutions shall be brought to your table in a packaged and carefully organised manner that enable either the individual or the enterprise to compose and give something miraculous.

Multi Generation

Special packages that offer lifelong memories for all ages. Should you wish to gather the family or please various-age coworkers 360 DMC shall put together trips and programs that make all come together. Any assistance one may need for the youngest and the oldest is to be provided in order to ensure that the time spent is nothing but perfect.


The sister companies on the wedding field are Budapest Wedding and Dubai Wedding. The mission is to create memories for a lifetime by delivering the best outcome of each and every family event. Relying on these wedding planning agencies means a mind-resting confidence in perfection, competency, the highest quality and that the desired outcome will definitely be delivered.